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Polaroid are maybe the best known photography manufacturer in the world. But most people probably don't know that they have an action camera offering.

Polaroid Cube Camera

Their answer to the GoPro is the cube. The polaroid cube is an HD action camera in the shape of a 35mm cube. And its brilliant! Not only does it look stylish, it also takes great film and photo and has a magnetic bottom, so you can stick it to things.

The polaroid cube does have a full line of accessories, but one thing you should be aware of is that it isn't waterproof straight out of the box. You will need a waterproof case. This is what the polaroid cube actually looks like :

Priced at around the one hundred dollar mark, the cube is a reasonable price and it looks amazing. The battery offers 90 minutes of recording time before a recharge and the internal memory can be extended up to 32Gb.

One other thing to consider is that the recordings are in .mov format. It shouldnt be a problem because there are plenty of free players that will let you watch your movies, its just something to consider.

Sleek, colorful designs make this a must option to consider. Scroll down for reviews.

A Review Of Polaroid Cube

What an amazing small action camera. It is extremely petite but still manages to offer amazing videos and photos.

The high camera takes excellent HD video at both 1080 and 720p. Both video and sound quality are excellent, I can't fault either.

The 124 degree lens gave the video a great perspective, and covered everythign that was going on. I could see this camera being a great addition to a drone, given the small size and lite weight.

At first I thought the magnetic base would be a waste of time but we stuck it to the roof of the car and happily drove along at 40 MPH.

If you insert a 32Gb card, the camera will record about 195 Minutes of HD video....But if its running out, its easy enough to switch the video quality down a little.

The camera comes with software called polaroidcube, it was easy enough to use and let you adjust the settings on the polaroid action camera.

This camera would be suitable for helmet or drone mount, its so lite and small. A great camera at a great price.