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Action cameras are the new must have bit of kit. They let you film things that would otherwise be forgotten. The action camera has revolutionised what you can share with your friends.

Action cameras are specifically designed to be used in all sorts of conditions. These are the type of places you wouldn't want to take your phone but where you still want to film yourself.

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What is an action camera

Just recently, with tech getting more compact and lighter, these tiny cameras have become a reality. Action cameras are little cameras that are as light and as small as possible. They are designed to sit in the background and accurately film and take pictures of what is going on.

But they are more than just a little camera. They allow the user to film in places that would otherwise only be heard about in stories. You can film in locations that you wouldn't usually want to take your tech.

These superb little cameras are usually designed to be as small and as light as possible, and are designed with mount-ability in mind. But as well as being small and light, they need to be easy to use and rich in features, and still keep the quality of images and video as good as possible.

Action cameras are designed to look the part as well, here are a few currently available :

Action Camera Features

Not all action camcorders are of the same quality and there are a few features you should look out for if you are going to buy one.

  1. Small - Size is important, the smaller the camera is the less likely it is going to get in your way.
  2. Lightweight - The lighter the camera is the less of a burden it will be if it is attached to your helmet.
  3. Abundance of accessories - You need plenty of mounting brackets, waterproof cases etc. Most action cams are compatible with Gopro's massive range of accessories.
  4. Full HD Video, Possibly even 4k...Although most people can't play 4k video yet anyway, so it may be a waste of time paying the extra for it.
  5. Easy operation - When you have big thick gloves on, ease of operation is important. You don't want lots of fiddly little buttons.
  6. WIFI Or Bluetooth connectivity
  7. Good battery life

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